Comunidy Servis
by MumFord

im sick an tired
of pickin up butts
cans, nesle crunch rapers,
black peels of bananas
sobe bodels,
big red

im sick an tired
of wachin traffic pas
an peeple laf
at me an Gunter Wilson
Werin oringe vests

it ranes on my hed
the sun meltin my ies
my tale droops
wile flies buz under my smile
tired as heels
walkin forever

wen oh wen
wil the wisel blow
for us to stop
workin comunidy servis?
wen is anuf punishmint?

crime dont pay
it sucks

Peece owt.


Bunny said...

Once your community service is over perhaps you should think about getting a job. That way you can pay for your liquor instead of having to steal it. Maybe you can set up a counceling stand like Lucy in the Peanuts cartoon and give out advice for $1. What do you think about that?

Celeste said...

I think Bunny has a really good point. If you had a job you could buy liqour for yourself and raisins for Gunter Wilson. We're hiring for the holidays, but you have to have a work permit

Anonymous said...

I think you should be more careful in the future. Stealing isn't something you have to do.. Personally. Find some other person who seems capable, but trustworthy, and have them steal for you while you stand look out. Not only will it improve your chances of success, but it also takes you out of the line of fire of punishment, assuming your partner won't rap you out.


Mumford said...

My pockits are small so I can onlee put abowt won doller in it. All so, they ax for I.D. if you tri to pay. It is faster to just git it an run. Nex time im leevin Gunter Wilson at HOME.

Mumford said...

deer nafarius: you ar a JEENYUS! im going to start trayning Gunter Wilson rite now!Thansk a lot!