bahind the seens

I got to go to wedding things. Now I know beyuwty secrits, too. Girls wer SPANX under ther gowns and a lot of maekup on ther ies and lips. I love weddings and parties speshilly at the bar later. All so girls wer blush on ther cheeks.
I got to go and Argus Emerson DIDNT. HA HA.


Celeste said...

mumford! Do not tell our secrets or you will not get to come to anymore parties!

Who is that pretty girl you are with. She looks like a princess.

Mumford said...

im SORREE. but i thot it mite help othur peepel. Well all rite.
She is pretty pretty prinsis JESKA. I luv her.

bunny said...

That dress is just stunning!!! You look pretty handsome yourself there mumford.

Sgt Pepper said...

Mumford, I wish I could see this beautiful princess. I really like the golden dress. I don't know what spanx is but I wonder if it will make all girls beautiful. You are so lucky to know beautiful girls.

Mumford said...

Sgt Pepper, girls look like this win they git maryeed. Spanx is a tite, tite, tite undergarmit that skqeezes all of yursef all peenched in tite, and pooches out the extra at the top. It is a slederfyer.
I luv beyewtiful girls.

Mumford said...

Thanx, bunny. I wor my tux and my musik-note pants. And a dimund erring too.