im wurreed abowt Gunter Wilson. He left with Argus Emerson and they bin gone all day. I cant deside wether to stay and wate for them or to go hunt for them. Argus Emerson can take care of hisself, but Gunter Wilson onlee has one good ie and he dont no anything. It is hard having a speshul needs dawg!


Celeste said...

Oh mumfy, responsibility sucks. Maybe you should call someone to take care of Argus. I have a friend who use to be a part of the Mexican Mafia. I bet they'll come back. Doggies always come home. Look at Dundee, he never leaves and he is special needs.

Mumford said...

Win I see Argus Emerson agin, I'm going to smush his sock-stufed face. Im so mad at him. he has no rite to take Gunter Wilson off. He is a turibull sock monkey who lyes and you cant trust him. Gunter Wilson will eet bugs and Argus wont even notis it.