still on bacashun

i hav not rote becawse im in mowee...mor later.
i luv it.


Jessica Chapman Otwell said...

mumfies, what is on your head?

LG said...

Dang Mum! Mowee sounds awesome! have fun

Mumford said...

Jeska: its a qute thang that groze here but i dont no wat its called.

Anonymous said...

what up mum hows it goin' dude? Are you liking Maui?

Mumford said...

i luv luv luv it in mowee. las nite i had a Lava Flo, a Blu Hawaee, a banana dackre, and a chee chee -- a pinya colada wif vodka insted of rum. Happy times! MumFord

Mumford said...

Thanks, L.G. and btw, i luv yur pitcher. You look like a moddle.

Bunny said...

Oh Mumford I'm so happy to see that you are on vacation in Maui. I went there with my husband when we were just dating and we had a great time. I'm hoping to see you at Gone with the Wind. Don't worry, I'm not bringing my children.

Mumford said...

Bunny: it is good that you dated yur husbun. Mor peepul shood do that.
Yes i WILL be back on the mane land for gwtw and i will root for the rebels and not the yankeys.
luv, MumFord

Ashford Simpson said...

I know you are on vacation right now, but when you have time I would like to talk with you a bit. I am a radio DJ sock monkey. I am not as handsome as you as I am homemade from a You Tube instructional video That's why I'm in radio and not tv. Let me know if you want to be friends.


Mumford said...

deer Ashford: i wood luv to be yur fren, of CORSE. Welcome to my blog. Wats on yur mind?
Im back on the mane land, but wil post sum pitchurs soon.
Tel me mor abowt yursef.