Gunter Wilson anb Argus Emerson come back this morning. Gunter Wilson came in the howse, then he threw up siggeret butts on the rug. Now they are asleep; i dont no wher thev bin.


bobradarbob said...

I'm so happy Gunter and Argus E. made it safe. They cum to see me and now I know they made it home (whew). What a hoot we had once I got my arm back on. I was salutin' everybody just to use my arm. Argus was the one that found my arm and put it out so Barbra could find it and fix me. Thanks Argus E.!!

Well, I'll tell ya, I have not written you 'cause my arm fell off. I've been face down in the back of the closet for like a year so quit bitchin' at me about not writin' you.
I'm better now! I was found and fixed (again) then put in a basket on the front porch with a sign that says, "Any Item 50Cents". What's up with that? Anyway Argus E. and Gunter pulled me out of the basket and we partied hard for what seemed like a week. As you can see, I'm back (and so are they). Will write again soon and kiss them boys for me will ya'

Your pal,

Mumford said...

OMG Starbuck! Argus Emerson took Gunter Wilson to YUR HOWSE?!!! No wunder ther so tired and stil SNORRING. Well i gess it was for a good cawse if they reskewd you and yore arm! Did a chile pull it off? I herd they can be meen like that. Did yall go to E Nocks? the Sock Monkey Lounge?
im a liddel gellus.
Thanks for letting me no wat happined and im glad yur back, pal!

Sgt Pepper said...

You have a lot of friends who lie. I don't believe that Argus Emerson and Gunter Wilson made it all the way to Louisiana. They don't have enough brains between them. Starbucks is not telling the truth. He just wants to be your friend but is too lazy to write to you and wants to make you believe that he was hurt. That is what I think.

Mumford said...

Wat? WAT? dO you REELY bleeve Starbucks is a LYER? I thot onlee Argus Emerson lyed. He convinses me a lot, but now you have me dowting his story...