win im rich


win im rich
ill onlee fly furst class
sit on a big soft seet
lookin at clowds on a summer day
flite attindints will bring me
boddels of wisky
ice cubes cleer
and a thik wite bole of hot nuts.



Sgt Pepper said...

This is what I dream. I dream that I have my own airplane and can fly around the world and visit every place that I have seen in the National Geographic magazine. I will hunt lions in Africa and ride elephants in Thailand. Then I will take a long boat ride down the Nile River in Egypt. If you are my friend then I will take you with me on my journey. Then we will write books about our adventures and be even more rich and famous.

Mumford said...

Sgt Pepper: How do we git us a aerplain? Maybe a hotaer bloon wood be cheeper? We cood make one owt of sheets.
All so, win im rich im going to git a lot of new clowes, including jackits wif fur on the coller.

Celeste said...

My friend Taz was wondering if your blue sweatshirt he bought you fits? He will not leave me alone about it. Also on April 26th, Gone with the Wind will be showing in Palo Alto. It doesn't have diving airplanes, but some bad Yankees get shot!

Mumford said...

deer Celeste: my NEX foto will feetur me in my blu switshirt from Taz.
Can I go to see GWTW wif yall? I am xacktly like Rit Buttlur.
Why dont taz never rite to me hisself?
Luv, MumFord

Shay said...

Mums- Don't forget that when you're rich, you'll need to start wearing a smoking jacket and an ascot. And only drink martinis. And talk down to the help.

Mumford said...

wat abowt JOOREY, Shay? i wil need some bleeng.
(I do have one eerring that granny give to me so far...)