me and Argus Emerson saw one gurl sock monkey in a stor wif very pretty ies and a green skirt, but she costed atey dollers. We stil talked abowt her a lot. i wish we cood hav bot her to be part of the fambly.


LG said...

LOL dang mumford! You got fancy taste bro!

haisley said...

Mumfies - are you coming to Spain with me, or are you afraid of Swine Flu?

Mumford said...

Hazlee you are so funny. You no that WISKY makes you emune to dizzeez!
Win are you going xackly? Win do i need to be ther?
Im going to Noo Orlins May 25-29. Wood I be bak here in time if i go to Spane?
Luv, Mumford
p.s. i can speek spanish. yo hablow.

Mumford said...

LG, I No, I NO! bUT I bet she is worf atey dollers.

Sgt Pepper said...

Sometimes I want to buy girl clothes and dress up. I like the pretty colors.
p.s. how do you get your picture to come out when you type a message?

Mumford said...

Sgt. Pepper,
it sownes like you mite have jinder issues. The beuwty of being a sock monkey, tho, is that cros-dressing comes natchrul becawse we dont have hoo-hoos. If you feel like wering girl clowes, then y not? A Sgt. can be a gurl. And so can a Pepper.
I dont relly no how i got my pitcher to come up. I was just dinkin arowd and saw the opshun: UPLODE PITCHER and so i did.
See you soon,