Argus Emerson is so vane

Just because Argus got a new hat and pants now he thinks he is so grate. Look at him admire hissef in the mirrer.
So wat.


Celeste said...

Mumfies are you or argus on facebook, I'm avoiding it but its talked about no stop no matter wher i go, even my regional managers talk about!

Mumford said...

deer Celeste: Argus and me are NOT ALLOWD on facebook becawse we are not hoomans. Shit.
But it is fun, inno that. and it is a lot eezier than a blog to do. you shood try it for fun. it is the leest oblagitery kine of inner net thingy.
Hey gess wat? im going to NOO ORLINS tomorow.
Luv, MumFord