Lessons from Argus

Argus showed us how he can take money owt of wallets win we hav gests staying here. He sed it is like paying arselves for being cute hostesez, but im not sure abowt this. he hasnt give me or Gunter Wilson none of it.
deer Reeders: Shood I tell on him?


LG said...

Yes! Tell on him!

Mumford said...

I sed I was going to tell on him and Argus offerd me 5 dollers not to. Shood I still tell on him? an if i DO, can I keep the 5 dollers?
p.s. he gave Gunter Wilson a doller but he ate haf of it and the rest got wet.

Anonymous said...

TELL ON HIM!!! and keep the 5 dollars!! ha ha ha!!

Nerfarious said...

I believe you find yourself with several options at this point in time. Since he offered you 5 dollars not to tell, he is obviously concerned about the results, which gets you leverage. You might perhaps ask for more than 5 dollars. Perhaps 10, or even 15.

Or alternatively you might consider, having learned his method to procure your own money for host services render, which one can only assume you justly deserve for your amusing and warm personality.

The second option is particularly appealing if you might obtain a picture of your colleague absconding with his "payment". Thus, should suspicion of the act occur, you might then provide proof of the one whose fault it is.

shay said...

You need to get in on that game. It's hard for a monkey to make a living these days. Either make Argus give you a cut or become his competition. Either way, it will give you some cred in the house.

Mumford said...

deer anymus: i spent the 5 dollers so i gess im IN.

Mumford said...

deer nafarius: i red your respons twict. ar you a LAWYUR?
just wundering,

Mumford said...

deer Shay: Argus tride to get the 5 dollers back, as he promisd to invest it for me, but i awreddy spent it, so he cant hav it back. Here is wat I bot wif my cut:
* sigeret paper
* raysins, peenuts
* 1 small wisky
* dove bar choklit
Well, okay i stole the wisky, but onlee becawse i didnt have enuf cash.
The klerk dint notis it under my shirt.

Judgement said...

Bad monkey!

Mumford said...

Uh oh.