This is Argus Emerson, a sock monkey from a anteek stor who lives wif us now for amonth. HE IS A LYER. He clames that he can do allot of things but he cant. DONT TRUST HIM NO MATTER WAT.


Bunny said...

Oh he does look a little shifty. I'm not sure if I would trust him either.
Mumford, I'm going to Idaho this weekend and was wondering if you would have any advice for me on how to stay warm. I'm a California girl and don't have many warm clothes...do you have any suggestions?

Celeste said...

Argus looks innocent enough. What kind of lies does he tell? Big ones or small ones? Hows your special needs dog? I heard he was trying to roll his own cigarettes.

Mumford said...

deer C: Argus is the bigest lyer you ever herd. For enstinse, he clames he lived wif snow lepperds in the himilaya mowntins, babysat ther cubs, and tawt them how to growl. Then he all so says he was a bartinder at the sock monkey lounge, but HE NEVER WENT THER. how do i know? becawse he dont no the name of the river behind the bilding. AND he says he played bass gitar for brus spreengsteen in the ateys. Do you bleeve this guy? Such a LYER.

Mumford said...

deer bunny: heres a tip: wer a lot of socks, and xtra pannies. I aways say, if yur feet are worm, and yur hoo-hoo is worm, then yule be worm. Selk pannies ar best, smoof an worm, too.
p.s. dont eet to many potadoes!! ha ha ha ha ha ha!